‘A Cloister in the World’ by Abbot Patrick Barry OSB

A book on the history and spirituality of the Manquehue Movement published in 2005 by St Louis Abbey Press.

‘Manquehue and the EBC’ by José Manuel Eguiguren

An article about the relationship between Manquehue and the English Benedictine Congregation published in the 2014 Benedictine Yearbook.

‘Creating a New Benedictine School’ by José Manuel Eguiguren

Conference given at the International Meeting of Benedictine Educators held in 1999 at Worth Abbey and School, England.

‘Christian Formation in Benedictine Schools, the Experience of Manquehue’ by Cristóbal Valdés

Conference given at the 2007 International Meeting of Benedictine Educators held that year in Santiago, Chile.

Decree of General Chapter of the English Benedictine Congregation (EBC)

Establishing a spiritual communion and juridical consociation between the EBC and the Manquehue Apostolic Movement.

Reflections on the friendship between the Manquehue Movement and Ampleforth by Manuel José Echenique, Ampleforth Journal 2016