What do we do in San Jose

San Jose is a formation centre that receives young people for a 4 month experience of life in community, prayer and work organized by the Rule of St. Benedict.


Timetable of the formation houses:

06:30 Louds
07:00 breakfast
07:45 escrutinice
08:30 house cleaning
09:15 spirituality: A group conversation on a spiritual topic which is guided by an Oblate or other member of the formation team. The objective of this dialogue is to enlighten each young person’s experience in San José and focus on their life as a whole in the light of the presence of the Risen Christ.
11:00 reading time
12:00 lectio
13:00 Midday Office
13:15 lunch
14:30 work
18:30 showers
19:15 Vespers
19:45 supper
20:30 recreation
21:30 Compline


San Jose is also an “hospedería”, that receives people for shorter periods of 10 days. Usually, they are related with the Manquehue schools or with the Benedictine world, and they are incorporated to the life of the oblates and young people that are living their 4 month experience.

Another important aim that San Jose has, is to evangelize and strengthen the friendships with the local people that live in the nearby villages, visiting them and participating in different both church and cultural activities.


The formation given at San José is based on experiential knowledge, so all aspects of it become real facts, in their turn experienced by the young people while they are here. This means that they come to be able to say, with St John:

“Something which has existed since the beginning, which we have heard, and we have seen with our own eyes, that we have watched, and touched with our own hands, the Word, who is life, this is our subject.” (1John 1,1)

For the Oblates and other members of the formation team, who are part of the stable community in San José, each term a new community is founded at San José and there comes a new challenge to live deeply Manquehue’s charism, a new stage in the personal story that God is writing with each one.

All the life and work and the great fruits for the young of living in San José are the result of the life and communion of the Oblates’ community and the Movement and the whole Church. This is why we do our best to open our heart and mind and will to the Word and the Spirit[1].



[1] Barry, Patrick OSB, A cloister in the world, p. 444

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