Where is San Jose

  • San Jose is in the XI region of Chile, called “Aysén” or “General Carlos Ibañez del Campo”. It’s 290 km south from Coyhaique, the regional capital, and 90 km from Chile Chico, a borderline town with Argentina.
  • The farmstead is on the southern shore the General Carrera lake, which has a 1.850 km² surface, where 970 km² are in Chile, and 880 km² are in Argentina, making it the biggest lake in Chile and the second in South America. The lake is surrounded by the Andes mountains range and filled by glacial water. It drains through the Baker River into the Pacific Ocean.
  • There is no electricity of any kind, and the nearest village is 12 km. Away.


The whole ambience of San José was so perfect for retreat, for reflection and personal discernment and for spiritual formation that they decided to set up a community of the Movement there as the nucleus of a permanent House of Formation. In the austral summer of 2001 they began to build a new house, not far from the main house, which is situated beside an enormous lake which is some ninety-five miles in length and varies from three or four to some fifteen miles in width. It is surrounded by mountains of searing beauty with ice and snow of the High Andes closing in the western horizon, because in this region the Andes mountains run down the Pacific coast and their ice-fields shed their glaciers into the ocean. The population of the whole region is small. Their livelihood traditionally comes from subsistence cattle and sheep farming, though these days the timber, mining and tourist trade offer more hope for employment. They are a sparse and hardy race because, although the summers are warm, the winters are bitterly cold and the snow can be deep [1].



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